Salam Funeral’s Committee…

              Here at Salam Funerals we are happy to introduce to everyone the newly established ‘Salam Funeral’s Committee’.

       WHAT IS IT?

  • This is a committee run and led by some of the main figures of our community with the public in mind. Our objective is to reduce financial hardship when it comes to burying within the muslim community.


  • To join is really quite simple. For a family to join all that is required is a small fee of £80 per year which will cover any funeral within the family.


  • There are numerous benefits from joining the Salam Funeral’s Committee. For instance there will be no pressure on the next of kin in terms of finance and physical effort. There will be detailed planning of what to expect at the time of calamity. Joining the committee will save the family money and time. Above all else having the reassurance that everything is taken care of the family can find peace of mind about having an Islamic burial.


     Terms and Conditions:


  • This scheme is for all Muslims regardless of race
  • This scheme is a lifelong scheme.
  • It will only cover parents and any children under 18 years old.
  • Those over 18 will be registered individually.
  • Registration fees are £100 per application.
  • Annual payment is £80 per family and it covers any children under 18 years old.
  • Payment must be made every year in January.
  • It's the responsibility of the family to let us know of any changes  or when a death occurs
  • Registration fees are not refundable
  • Missing your annual payment will cancel your membership, and therefore you have to re-join.
  • If a person decides to leave for any reason, they are not entitled for a refund
  • If you have any suggestion or complaints approach your representative.
  • If it happens and a few deaths occur in one year and the committee is short of money, we will have to collect from the families to cover the shortage.
  • If someone from the community passes away and he/she have no family then we will refer to our members to cover his/her funeral costs.
  • If someone buys a plot next to their family they must provide us with a deed for us to re-compensate.

     What to expect from the scheme?

  • An Islamic janaza.
  • Guidance and detailed help.
  • Advice for immediate actions.
  • Burial plot in the cemetery
  • If repatriation: one ticket for family member & cargo charges
  • Provision of casket and shroud.
  • Provision of hearse/hearsett/private ambulance
  • Arrange with ghusul team
  • Arrange with the mosque to conduct the funeral prayer
  • Transparency in our dealings
  • Regular update of remaining balance and funerals that took place
  • 15% discount on headstones purchased through Salam Islamic  funerals.


  • Complete the form
  • £180 by cheque for the first payment and the registration fees per parents and their under 18 years old
  • A single form may be completed per household to include parents and children aged 18 years and under
  • Anyone, whether a member or not, can ask for a will to be written at our office for a one off charge.
  • Completed forms and the cheque should be returned to our representatives or sent out to our office  Cardiff Branch: White Rose (Salam Services), 31 Splott Rd, Splott, Cardiff, CF24 2BU